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2015 Revenue Generation Report Cover2015 Revenue Generation Maturity Benchmarking Study Report (pdf), by The Growth Engine LLC in partnership with Business Marketing Association Colorado - Revenue generation, therefore, is one of the most important goals for companies to ensure their sustainable growth. The Revenue Generation Maturity Framework™ developed by The Growth Engine examines 10 critical elements within an organization that impact its ability to improve revenue performance. These elements are like cogs in a well-oiled machine—free of the rust of backward thinking and other impediments that hinder action, each component seamlessly rotates and sets the entire system in motion.

Data-driven-B2B-lead-generationData-Driven B2B Lead Generation (pdf), by Sandra Zoratti, consultant, speaker, author and CMO of Dispersive Technologies, and Rich Roberts, senior vice president of BusinessOnline. - The depth and breadth of information available to each of us, combined with the easy and instantaneous access to it, has created a tectonic shift in buyers who now self-educate. Today, this means that marketing’s role in lead generation – while completely altered from five years ago – is of paramount importance to successful customer acquisition. This new white paper shows how to create a data-driven lead generation approach that delivers revenue.

Emotional Intelligence and Sales Results (pdf), by Colleen Stanley, SalesLeadership, Inc. - Closing the Knowing and Doing Gap - The challenge facing many sales managers and business owners is the transfer of selling skills that made them a top sales producer to their sales team. When you take on the role of a sales manager, it’s no longer about what you can produce; it’s about what you can get others to produce. At SalesLeadership, we believe emotional intelligence training is the key to improving sales performance because it bridges the knowing and doing gap.

What is in a Name (pdf), by Alex Valderrama, Cranium Studios - What exactly goes into choosing the right name for your business, product, or service? You may be toying with the idea of a name change. So, when is it the right time? A successful name can help differentiate your company, increase brand equity, and create a strong brand preference. In today''s mobile and technological environments, we have to take into account many more factors than in the past when choosing a new name.  (May 2013)

More Money, Less Work, More Fun: 10 Tips to More Sales (pdf), by Pam Watson Korbel, SmartGrowth.com - Discusses the top 10 failures for successful sales and provides 10 comprehensive tips for improving your sales efforts. An expert on leadership in fast-growth businesses, Pam Watson Korbel demonstrates high capabilities to build revenue and profits through her sales management and marketing experience. In two different firms, she has overseen profitable growth once achieving 500% growth in revenue over four years and another company 1500% growth in eight years.  (May 2013)

Heroes and Underdogs: How Content Marketing Levels the Playing Field (pdf), by Carla Johnson, Type A Communications and BMA Colorado CMO Liaison  - You hear a lot about content marketing almost everywhere you turn these days…and it can feel overwhelming and confusing because there’s so much to learn. I want everyone here to understand that it doesn’t matter how big or how small of a company you are, content marketing really does level the playing field. In the past, it was the companies with the big ad and media budgets that ruled the marketplace. But no more. Today, it’s the companies with something provocative to say – and then consistently say it – that lead the way, regardless of size.  (Feb 2013)

Webinar Best Practices, by BMA Colorado Trustee ReadyTalk and BMA Colorado - A successful web event can help strengthen a company's brand awareness, increase exposure in the market, and generate qualified sales leads.  If done right, it can elevate an organization's credibility and reinforce its position as an industry thought leader.  However, running a high-profile web event and be intimidating and challenging.  In this white paper, ReadyTalk shares best practices, tools and samples for planning and executing a successful web event.  Use this information-packed document as a supplemental guide to help make web events a great experience for you and your audience. (June 2012)

Creating Thought Leadership (pdf) - by Sandra Zoratti, VP Marketing, Ricoh Print Production Solutions and BMA Colorado - In our new world of instant, abundant communications - online, offline and across multiple channels simulataneously - successful marketers are cutting through the cacophony to establish precise and relevant thought leadership around a business solution, best practice or industry.  Why?  Because market thought leadership can create a sustainable competitive advantage, esablish a collaborative platform for sharing, connecting and engaging - and can generate revenue.  (Dec 2011)

Leading the Way in Lead Nuturing (pdf) - 90octane and BMA Colorado have tapped the expertise of digital marketing leaders from three innovative giants to get a first-hand account of their lead nurturing initiatives.  Linda Boff, GE’s executive director of global digital marketing, Chris Wong, vice president, marketing transformation at IBM, and Michael Metz, senior director of web marketing and strategy at Cisco, share their insights into lead nurturing’s role in their organizations’ growth plans, their current progress and how they measure results.  (Sept 2011)

What and How of Profitable Content Marketing (pdf) - by Cindy Humphrey, CenturyLink & BMA Colorado - Today, B2B buyers of all kinds prefer to do their own research online before communicating with potential sellers. That's why a content strategy is essential - it ensures that you make the right content available to the right buyers at the right time. (July 2011)

Tips for Building B2B Social Media Communities (pdf) by David Grant, Teradata & BMA Colorado - Social media has infiltrated business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It’s a gold mine for some industries while others have just scratched the surface. As the urge to connect with customers through social media continues to boon, a new phenomenon has arisen: Social communities. (March 2011)