Looking for exceptional B2B professionals to join your organization? if yes, post your job listing on BMA Colorado to gain access to the best of the best. Advantages to posting your opportunity on BMA Colorado:

  • Unlimited access to local top talent
  • Gain maximum exposure and increase the rate of qualified candidates
  • Each job listing gets targeted exposure to qualified B2B marketing industry professionals
  • Job listings are free for BMA members (and their companies) and only $50 for non-members
  • Access to candidate database including resume summaries and qualification listings
  • Brand building with company information and web links available to all users
  • Two months of active job listing or until position is filled
  • Direct electronic response to candidate listings

To post a job opening you must have a private account. Private accounts can be created by clicking on the Post/View My Job Openings button. Once your account is open and the job has been posted, your information will be included in the online database of B2B job openings. Your job posting will remain active for two months or until you fill the position, whichever comes first. Listings can be edited and formatted by selecting Edit This Posting, then make the necessary changes. If you cannot edit online, submit your changes to Derrol Moorhead at [email protected]. If you are interested in a particular candidate you may respond directly to the candidate's resume summary electronically through the assigned candidate email. 

Do not forget to inform us when you fill your position so we can remove your job listing from our database.

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