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Driving Demand

Driving Demand

The way that buyers buy products and services has been changing for years. Customers are more informed, aware of their choices and smarter about purchasing decisions. Companies that want to survive in this buyer-led digital age have to become much more customer focused or they will wither away. Author Carlos Hidalgo (a BMA Colorado member) understands how companies need to change their marketing and sales functions to provide customers with information, service and relationship to make a smart purchasing choice. In Driving Demand Hidalgo provides a guidebook for companies that want to transform, but simply are perplexed by how to change. It is not enough to simply speak about 'change management' in an organization. Change management has to begin with a process that is first fully planned providing the details of how people, process, content, technology, and KPIs will be aligned throughout the organization to ensure a common demand generation approach that is federated across the organization.

In this book, Hidalgo provides a prescriptive roadmap that organizations can follow to ensure that the changes that are made become part of the DNA of their organization. This ensures that true transformation occurs—doing things differently instead of just doing different things.

As most B2B marketers lack the training and experience to adjust to the changing world around them and are either self-taught or learn as they go, this book highlights these features specifically for them:

• A clear roadmap and framework on how B2B organizations can implement change management and transform their demand generation

• Case studies and excerpts from B2B marketing practitioners and ANNUITAS clients who have transformed their organizations and how they accomplished this change

• Current research from industry experts and thought leaders that demonstrates the need for this change

• The potential pitfalls that can occur within an organization as a demand process is developed

• Organizational models that should be implemented to ensure demand process is adopted throughout the enterprise

Watch a quick video by author Carlos Hildago on Driving Demand!

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