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Why Your Content Sucks--And How To Make It Suck Less

We’ve reached critical mass in content production. The proliferation of crappy content we have to swim through every minute is drowning us — and making it increasingly impossible to create the connections that are so critical to our jobs. So let’s take a look at how we got here, and more importantly, how we can succeed in this new normal.


Dave Flomberg
Assoc. Content Director at Faction Media

Dave Flomberg has been creating content — some of which doesn’t suck — since he started writing for his college newspaper in the early ’90s. Since then, he’s been a columnist for the Rocky Mountain News, a communications manager for Comcast, the Director of Content Operations for Examiner.com and he published a tome on corporate management for the undead called Management For Zombies to critical acclaim from at least four different people he’s not related to.

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