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Sphere of Influence: Where Do Influencers Fit Into Your Strategy

"Influencer Marketing." It's a phrase used so often anymore inside the marketing world that a lot of people have begun to think of it as a passing buzzword or piece of marketing jargon--those people would be wrong.

Influencer Marketing isn't going anywhere, and it has been a critical part of successful strategy for several years, but you may not know how to implement it yet! Or maybe you've tried to use influencers in the past, to no avail. Either way, this talk will break down what Influencer Marketing is, how to use it successfully, and how one can definitely fail at it, if done incorrectly.

Join Influencer Marketing experts Julianna Vorhaus and Keely Nolan as they talk about best (and worst) practices. Walk away with a better understanding of how to use Influencer Marketing as an amazing tool to increase leads, conversions, and customer loyalty! Also, learn how to avoid the no-nos and take the first step to becoming an influencer marketing pro!


Keely Nolan
Founder of Influence Inspired

Keely has helped brands and agencies develop and implement influencer marketing strategies over the last five years. She has recently launched Influence Inspired, a company that creates influencer marketing strategies aimed to deliver unforgettable digital experiences that inspire the right audience at the right time for the best results. She is an alum of Northwestern University and began her career in sports marketing in Chicago. She moved to Colorado shortly after and has been immersed in the startup space here ever since.

Julianna Vorhaus
Director of Influencers at Influence.co

Julianna is the Director of Influencers at influence.co. She's an influencer marketing expert with over 5 years of experience working with brands, agencies and influencers. Julianna is passionate about the influencer marketing space and the authenticity it brings to digital advertising. She is a firm believer that relationships are at the heart of influencer marketing when done well and dedicates her time helping influencers and brands form long lasting relationships.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017 5:30 - 7:30 PM


Faction Media, 1401 17th Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO

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