Congratulations to Business Marketer of the Year recipients. Your outstanding contributions and service to BMA Colorado and B2B marketing are exceptional.

2018: Carla Johnson

2017: Greg Olson

2016: Meg VanderLaan

2015: Anthony Christie

2014: Sherri Leopard

2013: Mark Grindeland

2012: Sandra Zoratti

2011: Sam Eidson

2010: Christine Cook, PRC

2009: Viki Mann, CBC

2008: Rich Carvill, CBC

2007: Chris McGary, CBC

2006: Marilee Yorchak, CAE

2005: Michael Brandt, CBC

2004: Betty Cundy, CBC

2003: Pam Giordano, CBC

2002: Michael Burke, CBC

2001: Karen Sutherland

2000: Rip Ripley, CBC

1999: Ken Custer

1998: Tom Costner, CBC

1997: Jay Marks, CBC

1996: Michael Menaker, CBC

1995: Stephen Straight, CBC

1994: Bob Schaller, CBC

1993: Tom Ratty, CBC

1992: Jane Baumhardt, CBC

1991: Bill Walsh, CBC

1990: Al Ross, CBC (deceased)

1989: Tom Hagan, CBC

1988: Jim McCoy, CBC

1987: Larry Hennesy, CBC

1986: Harry Doyle, CBC (deceased)

1985: Bob Feeney, CBC (deceased)

The MOTY video was produced by Global CVM.


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May 31, 2018

How to Develop An Accessible Video Marketing Strategy - PANEL

Our Evening Brew panel this month is made up of three video professionals having a conversation about how you can begin integrating video marketing into your strategy, no matter your audience, objective, or your budget.